EX Makeup Arts Academy, Wing Your Dreams!

High-Quality Instructors

Lead by Shan, Vice President and Chief Judge of the K-Beauty Olympic International Competition Association, and Ricky Li, China's National Image Designer Technician

Free Refresher Training

Constantly updating course contents to keep up with the pace of modern makeup and beauty fashion

Provide venue for students to receive and to serve their customers

The Academy provides a practical and comfortable venue for our students to receive and serve their customers, with the guides of our principal, Shan on site

Opportunities to participate in International Competitions

Giving our students an international perspective, provide them with globalized stage to achieve successful career in beauty industry



有人说,化妆师是不会失业的存在,因为从古到今,人们从未放弃过对美的追求...... 在新加坡,一线品专柜、影楼、工作室、淘宝拍摄、时尚T台、杂志拍摄、电影电视剧、综艺、新娘、...


化妆上粉底除了刷子海绵,还可以用喷的方式!这个专业化妆技巧,你听说过吗? 中国化妆师李仁松擅长用喷枪化妆来上妆,他也是本地EX半永久美妆学院彩妆顾问 ...