EX Makeup Arts Academy, Wing Your Dreams!

High-Quality Instructors

Lead by Shan, Vice President and Chief Judge of the K-Beauty Olympic International Competition Association, and Ricky Li, China's National Image Designer Technician

Free Refresher Training

Constantly updating course contents to keep up with the pace of modern makeup and beauty fashion

Provide venue for students to receive and to serve their customers

The Academy provides a practical and comfortable venue for our students to receive and serve their customers, with the guides of our principal, Shan on site

Opportunities to participate in International Competitions

Giving our students an international perspective, provide them with globalized stage to achieve successful career in beauty industry

Academy Introduction

Singapore EX Makeup Arts Academy, founded in 2017, is an internationally recognized professional beauty training institution. This is a professional makeup arts training base specialized in anesthetic-free semi-permanent beauty embroidery, makeup and image design education.

The academy has the UK ITEC international certification. It is the only training institution in Singapore that provides theatre and media makeup course, and it is also the first training institution that provides ITEC international certificate training and assessment in anesthetic-free semi-permanent beauty embroidery. Graduates will be awarded the UK ITEC certificate recognized by many countries around the world, including Singapore."

The academy pays attention to cultivating students’ hands-on ability, combining aesthetic theory with hands-on practice, and has cultivated a large number of professional talents in beauty embroidery, image design, makeup styling, etc., working in various companies, shows, fashion runways, magazine shooting, etc. The students are from all over Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, China and other places. At the same time, the academy has also established cooperation with local and overseas variety shows, films and television productions and companies to provide our students with employment and internship opportunities.

The academy has high-quality and experienced teachers. The academy’s unique airbrush makeup technology and anesthetic-free semi-permanent makeup technology are the first in Singapore, and have been interviewed and reported by mainstream media such as Lianhe Zaobao and Hongyun Media for many times.

The Mentors Meet our team of professional mentors


Shan, the senior instructor and founder of EX Makeup Arts Academy in Singapore. UK ITEC Certified senior tuitor.In addition to being a senior image designer and makeup artist in China, Shan has also been a makeup instructor at the Mao Geping Makeup Design School, Shanghai, China.

She has won the 2016 Mao Geping Makeup Design Award, as well as the invited distinguish makeup artist for Jiangnan Fashion Week and Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival, China. In addition, she is a semi-permanent designer of many plastic surgery hospitals in Singapore and China. Due to her excellent performance and talent in Makeup, she was also invited to be a judge of the Olympic Beauty International Competition in 2017.。



China National Senior Image Design Technician, China National Intermediate Decoration Artist, Airbrush Makeup Technique Expert, China National Senior Image Design Technician, Member of the Makeup Committee of China Film and Television Technology Society, Senior Jury of the Mainland China Makeup Contest.

He has been engaged in beauty makeup and beauty makeup teaching for more than ten years. He was the makeup artist of Xue Zhiqian's endorsement of Jin Li mobile Phone new product launch conference in 2017. Promotion Ambassador for China Makeup School Airbrush Makeup Technology in 2017. The makeup artist of the 2016 International Electron Festival and Chief Designer of Makeup & Styling for the 11th CCTV Model TV Contest Finals in 2011, etc.

Course Introduction


Professional Makeup Artist Image Designer Course

author Shan

Professional Makeup Artist Image Designer Course
Course content include:
Variety types of makeup that are essential to know by a professional makeup artists
Variety of hairstyle that are essential to know by a professional makeup artist
Professional Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling
UK ITEC Level 3 Certificate


Anesthetic-free Semi-Permanent Course

The content of the course ranges from basic to in depth. Zero-based or advanced training students can fully master all the knowledge and skills of semi-permanent training

Two levels of the course available :
Semi-Permanent Full Course - SGD 3280
Semi-Permanent Master Course - SGD 6880
UK ITEC Level 4 Certificate

Beauty Sketches

Airbrush Makeup Course

author Ricky

Airbrush makeup is widely used in movies, television, stage performances, advertising photography, artistic modeling, bridal makeup, personal makeup, life beauty, etc. It is an essential makeup art in modern times.
The airbrush equipment has become "air makeup" and "ceramic makeup" through the science and technology of applying makeup on a special liquid foundation. The makeup is light, thin and translucent, more natural and more convincing. Can effectively cover the defects, blemishes, fine lines and dull colors on the face, making the skin smooth and flawless like ceramic. Painting, finger painting and other mak.eup methods cannot be compared. This makeup technique meets the needs of high-resolution lens shooting, and furthermore, even without basic knowledge of art can also achieve this special airbrush makeup technique





Eyelash Extension Course

author Shan

Eyelashes extension are also known as grafted eyelashes, which can make women's eyes have immediate and beautiful results. Without applying mascara, you can have as many long and warped eyelashes as you want, and can design the look according to the shape of the eyes. The realistic eyelashes make eyes instantly look good without makeup. They can also make eyes brighter and more beautiful.
Course Content include:
Development history of eyelashes extension
Product classification knowledge
Accurate and fast handling techniques and exercises
One-to-one seamless grafting
Japanese style grafting on eyelashes
Practical and explanation of natural clear eyelashes grafting
Standard procedure demonstration of eyelash grafting
Explanation on Barbie type and Feminine type eyelashes grafting
Demonstration of eyelash removal process
Barbie and Feminine live operation

Beauty Sketches

Beauty Sketches Course

author Shan

The five days course taught by Shan herself. In the past, the Beauty Sketch was a higher required technique for the beauty embroidery artists. Now, the Beauty Sketch is the SOP for all beauty embroidery artists. Nowadays, more and more beauty embroidery artists hope to improve their skills, their aesthetic ability and their own artistic accomplishment, so Beauty Sketch has become one of the courses that many beauty embroidery artists have deepened and sought after.





Advanced certification in Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup

author Shan

This course is aimed at cultivating high-end high-quality makeup stylist. In addition to classroom teaching, it contains 35 makeup styling work instructions.
Magazine shooting, film and television modeling, special effects makeup for various types of media productions.
UK ITEC Level 4 Certificate